At age sixteen, do you think teens should date?

I'm 16 sometimes I don't date because I want to focus only on myself and just be me and now I'm dating a guy that's two busy and now I'm thinking about leaving I'm hurting bad because I don't like getting hurt at all

i read that in the bible it says save your heart for your husband because whatever hurts you or whatever happens in your life effects the way you will act and think

and that's why I don't get in relationships a lot

so what do you older people think


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  • Understanding yourself helps you answer the question "What kind of guy do I want?". Your being able to answer this question is crucial when it comes to dating. A useful thing to remember here is, birds of a feather are attracted to, and stay together in the long run. If you're a quiet girl who enjoys quietness, for example, it is better for you to find a quiet guy. High compatiblity is the key to good relationships. Not knowing what kind of guy you want is like wandering/driving around blindfolded.

    On your remark about how the past affects the future. It is true that many people carry emotional bagges on their back, affecting their future relationships. e.g. many players have been abused by someone before, from their parents to past boy/girlfriends, this result in a fear of real intimacy and staying away from a serious relationship.

    This is one reason why you should not go lightly into relationships just because of, say, you're lonely, or, you can't stand the possibility of being laughed at when others already have dozens of boyfriends (meaning you succumb to peer pressure). The right reason to get into a relationship is, you find someone highly compatible to you, and you like him (vice versa)!


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  • I'm 33, married 11 years.

    1. Sure it's okay to date. Forget about your heart in this. You need to start understanding how men work (assuming you're into men). We are different from you and you will encounter many situations that confound you. Best to start figuring us out sooner rather than later. Plus, dating is fun.

    2. The whole thing about whatever happens affecting you in the future is only a little bit true, and usually only if you're weak minded. If you're so delicate that a single broken heart will put you off dating entirely for life, then the dating was never the problem.

    3. I can't think of a worse dating guide than the bible. It's content is based in subjugating you as a woman and degrading your options until you settle for servitude.

  • Theres no problem with dating in and of itself at that age, the problem is that they take it too far and think they can do everything in a relationship that adults can when they don't know jack about what they're going to want or be like or regret once they finish college and truly become who they will be as adults.

  • I do think it's kind of important to learn some basic relationship skills before you're 18 or otherwise at an age when relationships start to get really serious.


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  • I think you have a good outlook on dating, more people should think like you!

    I think it's okay to date casually. I don't think you should get serious at your age or even have sex. At 16 dating should be fun, but your whole life shouldn't revolve around your boyfriend or girlfriend. You should have a lot of things going on, family, friends, working maybe, sports, activities, a hobby and then just go out on dates and get to know people, but not really invest in anything "serious" or put your heart in it.

    Some people don't follow the teachings of the Bible, and that's their choice, but it does have a point. I don't think you should get heavy in relationships with guys when you're young because it can affect your outlook on life. A lot of people who started having sex at a young age can get messed up emotionally and have a jaded view on relationships because they weren't ready for it in the first place.

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