Ladies why do you stop talking to a guy randomly?

ok i went to the movies with this girl and her sister tagged along it was out date and her sister sat somewhere else i guess she was neverous to go alone but anyways after the movie was over we sat outside and talked a bit then she said she wanted to see another movie in a few weeks casue she was going out of town that was like 4 weeks ago or 5 now ever since then i haven't heard from her. she randomly texted me a while back if i could pick her up from a party but when i asked her where i got no repsonse... and now she doesn't look at my snapchats like she use to or snapchat me or even text me she will like my insta picks every now an then but im starting to think there's another guy or something she just randoml stopped talking to me all together. if i text her she will talk to me for a bit then nothing. last time i talked to her she said she's moving out her mothers house so she works a lot an that she's busy a lot but her snapchat she stil doing stuff


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  • Just lost interest.


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