A bunch of Tinder questions?

Hey everybody! I've recently gotten out of a relationship, and want to try to ween myself back into the dating scene. I really want to give Tinder a try, though I have a few questions I want to know before I create an account, since I'd like to know what I'm doing before I get on!

So far, I know it uses your facebook profile. I've read that it uses your "interests" to match you up with others, though I've also read that it uses your location? Which does it use? Or does it use both? Also, by "interests", does it mean the pages you've liked on facebook? What if I don't have all that many 'liked pages'... is that bad?

I was also wondering: Do you get to choose which Facebook pictures and information that others can see? Can they only see profile pictures, or can I choose form tagged/timeline/mobile pictures as well?

Lastly! I've read online that you need to write a bio for your tinder profile. The bio you write is only available to those on Tinder, not your Facebook friends, right?

Thank you in advance to anyone who reads all this, haha.


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  • Yes it uses your location
    It uses your Facebook interests and photos
    you can choose what photos you want, you only get 5 maximum i believe
    it can be from any album.
    the bio is only for tinder.

  • Anything on tinder is just on tinder! It doesn't go to Facebook.


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