Girls, weve known eachother for over a month. Is this her flirting?

We are talking and I'm cracking jokes and she tells me I need to listen to more and I say I should. She says it might help me and j reply I need lots of help. She says lol, you said it not me and then I said I'm the good crazy and her response was "lol, if you say so" she's just flirting right and she clearly likes me. We've gone out and she kissed me and even texted me thanking me for the lovely date.


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  • Well duh she kissed you... She obvi likes you. But if you think that convo you had with her is flirting, you're so full of yourself hahahaha

    • Ouch!! Well what is it? She's so shy and barely sends off any signals

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    • Women are complicated, aren't they? Lol
      Well you need to be honest with her like I said. Life is busy but it sounds like she likes you but doesn't want to be in a relationship because she wants to be A) single or B) doesn't want to get involved and have heartbreak.

      So do something for her that will make her melt and fall more for you. And be honest with her and try to find out her feelings. That's important.

    • I'm just being myself and making her laugh! I keep my distance but I show I care! I send her goodmorning texts and text her goodnight. We talk lots and I know if I keep going at this pace she will melt! She's constantly liking my posts on Facebook especially the ones about relationships! I'm not gonna try to do anything I'm just going with the flow

  • she's flirting.


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