I have 32F breasts, is that really all that guys see in me?

I have huge breasts and am very well proportioned (40, 26, 40) but I feel like that's all that men see in me. I've been told many times that I have a gorgeous body and a so-so face which hurts but I'm glad I have something. I'm very outgoing and friendly and social. I make everybody laugh and I'm always the life of the party but I feel so ugly. Even when a guy does go for me I feel like it's for my t*ts. It's frustrating


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  • All the women I've dated have had bigger breasts, but it's never really what drew me to them in the first place. Some men like bigger breasts, but some don't really care.

    In the end, my best advice is to not let it get to you. If you had a gorgeous face, and it caused men to be attracted to you, would you feel as negatively about it as you feel as you do about men being attracted to your breasts? Probably not. Then why should you feel uncomfortable with men being attracted to your breast size?

    Consider yourself blessed, and learn to tell the difference between a the guy who sees you as meat and the guy who sees you as YOU. If you play your cards right, you'll find a guy who appreciates your breast size, but loves everything else about you as well.

    Good luck!

    • I guess I never really looked at it that way. Just because my face isn't spctacular doesn't mean my breats aren't. I suppose I just need to look at myself in a more positive way. thanks =)

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  • You don't look ugly. Your face looks cute. And I'm the guy that would tell you if you were an uggo. Still, that body sounds like it would draw attention and there's not much you can do about it. Maybe as you get older.

    Try finding guys online. Date men who proclaim themselves to be "ass" men. I'm one so I couldn't care less about t*ts, so long as they aren't deformed.

  • I'd be much more concerned about your personality at that point. And just so you know, I think your face is pretty. But huge boobs are actually a turn off for me. It makes my back hurt just seeing a woman with 'em. Not all guys will be after you only for your 'ti*s' in fact there are some men out there, that don't like 'em that big to begin with. If your personality is as you describe, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a man that isn't out to play with your chest meat my dear. In the mean time, you need to take note of how these men approach you and how they act, so you can weed out the ones who are just in it for the 'fun bags'

  • u have a pretty face

    i guess it has a lot to with the looks as well

    normally if you have great t*ts+good looks(any guy would fall for u)

    f*** the personality(we look at it later)

    sorry if this hurts but this is how men are genetically designed

    if you didn't have a good face probably you can guess tht guys who say"u are gorgeous" are their for ur t*ts

    but I think with good looks he would go fo ru and not just for ur t*ts

  • Not going to lie--those sound like SPECTACULAR breasts. But that's hardly something to be ashamed of or frustrated about. It'd be like me being upset if all women thought I had a perfect penis and wanted to date me because of it. Pretty sure I wouldn't complain. . .


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