Is she interested in me?

We've been talking for over a month. Started talking online and exchanged messages everyday and then I asked her out and she said that would be nice. Then we started texting back and forth for a week and then we went out. We grabbed ice cream and went for a walk. The date went amazing! I was charming and opened doors for her when convenient and We got along, we conversed back and forth and made lots of eye ck tact. She laughed at my stupid jokes. I ended it by walking her to her car and hugged her and we made eye contact and had a light kiss on the lips. She texted me thankingn me for the nice evening and we made plans for a second date. She's really scatter brained and super busy and out plans got cancelled but I do know she is busy and so was I. Anyways we still text and lately we've been texting all night and she will flirt or so I think anyways. I'll tell her I need lots of help she will say "you said it not me" or I'll tell her I'm the good crazy and she says "if you say so lol" is that flirting or what is going on? The his woman is so hard to read!


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  • ... Anyways we still text and lately we've been texting all night...
    The writing on My wall and all is telling me that being the First date went Great but the Second got put on a back burner, you both have this Special chemistry and along with this, open lines of convo that also adds a touch of tenderness.
    She is enjoying getting to know you better with a push of her button. This way when you both do get on the same page, it will be Twice as good for even A... Third date.
    No, Not 'So hard to read,' she is sending vibes with just a mere Touch of her magic wand With... Flirting and having fun with someone special and things may be heating up.
    Good luck. xx

  • It seems as though she likes you. It's pretty obvious, since she gave you a kiss on the lips. Sh seems to be moving fast, so, be careful. She might just be moving on to the next guy. The only thing I would be worrying about is when she cancelled the second date.

    • She definitely isn't moving fast! She's moving slow! She from what I get wanted to slow things down. Lots of details bot worth discussing but just take my word on it she's scared. I was. The one going fast but I really like this girl I just have no idea how to handle her she's different from every woman I've ever dated

    • In a good or a bad way. Maybe just discuss it with her.

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