My friend just went out with the guy I was talking to on this dating site?

How awkward was that? I began talking to him because I was bored, he was cute and appeared to be a nice guy. After a while of talking, we later exchanged numbers. It was all fun and games at first, but then all he wanted to talk about was sex. So I eventually gave up on him because #1 I wasn't sure if he was real ( the guy on the pic) #2 He only wanted to get freaky

Anyways, my friend calls me the other day saying she went out with some coworker. Turns the date was him. I told her how I knew him. So yea, Apparently he was real. Yet, he was very respectful with her on the date. I understand some dating sites can't be taken seriously, but why did he only want to sext when it came to me?


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  • A lot of guys use dating sites as a way to procure quick flings. He probably caught real feelings for her since he got to know her and bond at work. Nothing personal.

    • Yea true. It just sucks. I mean he and I actually lived in the same neighborhood. I just was too afraid to meet up in case he was a pedo lol

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