Is it okay to leave someone if they make you jealous?

I get that it's not necessarily THEM making you jealous, its really your own insecurities putting you in a vulnerable position emotionally, however, I find if I get with a guy and he starts doing things like commenting to other girls and liking their photos I'll get defensive (although even though I don't jump their asses like I used to) I'll go cold turkey on them. Like I'll stop messaging them all together and they're like wtf I'll even delete apps they're on. I mean I might be rationalizing this but I feel it's in their best interest because #1: they won't have to deal with my insecurities, #2: if I was worthy enough they wouldn't do stuff like that behind my back #3 it gives them the chance to see if they can do better. Am I really that bad for not giving them reasons for leaving them they're well aware of already?


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What Guys Said 1

  • first of all commentin or likin a photo isn't anything so xtreme... it's not flirty since u just compliment 'em... or like 'em. "like" means just "i like this photo"

    should u go through all this for just some likes and comments? :/


What Girls Said 1

  • It is fine to leave them.


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