Should I still try to ask her out or it's enough?

Last 6 months I've dated this girl I really like. We dated twice. Though there are awkward moments, things really went fine.

After I asked her for a third date, she wasn't sure and asked me if I like her, I said yes and she said she wasn't ready for now. She is still not over with her ex and she doesn't want me to become a rebound and needs time to think. I said I understand and asked if we can be friends first. She agrees. I gave the time she needed.

After two months, I contacted her and asked if we can go out she said she was not sure, she will just update me. But I didn't got any text message after that and all of my messages is ignored.

Now, I'm currently attempting to leave a message to her but I have a doubt.

I am trying to be close to her but maybe she just not that into me.


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  • Stop already. I think its either she is still not ready or she dont really like you that much.


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  • so how long it's been since u texted her?

    basically i believe she's not over her X yet... dunno for how long they dated each other but if it was for years then she'll have a hard time gettin over him i'm afraid...

    • About 9-10 months I think...

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    • What's be the best thing I should say? by the way

    • obviously..."wot's goin on? is there any reason u don't respond?"

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  • She's not interested, move on.

  • You will be wasting your time if you really pursue her now

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