I got to sexual to fast in a text message what do I do to recover we don't know each other well?

But she brought my dick first in a prior conversation. Asking about my size.


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  • I don't think there is anything you can do.


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  • It depends how far if you sent nudes it's kind of late but if you just said something like,"I would kero you up at night your fine" just say sorry

  • Be honest. Apologize to her if you made her uncomfortable then admit to making mistakes and prematurely assuming she felt as comfortable as you did. Works every time for me. usually it's followed by a no no it's okay. Most girls don't mind being sexual once they know you're not a disrespectful uncaring D-Bag.

    • But don't sound all fearful like your afraid of stepping on toes just try to sound confident yet respectful.

    • Yeah I agree with this. Most girls know guys can get sexual quicker than us. But if you apologise it shows you respect that she may not want to go at your pace and that you aren't afraid to admit you made a mistake and appologise to her.

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