Girls, should I stop smiling?

  • Yeah misery gets me wet.
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  • Happy people depress me.
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  • How can a guy spank me while he's smiling.
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  • Ignorance is bliss. If a guy's happy I assume he's stupid.
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  • I like to think I'll be his saviour.
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  • I actually like a nice smile / want a happy/cheerful guy
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Any opinions on this? Maybe some girls could actually vote instead of just guys...
Anyone have a view on this? Girls is it best to avoid smiling at you?


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  • Some girls just think guys who smile less are more sophisticated or mature. I mean, smiles are very nice, but if the guy looks like a jokester or a clown, then he's probably not what most girls want.

  • You can smile at me. I like happy people.

    • Did you look at the links? Do you think that perhaps you subconsciously find brooding non-smiling guys more sexually appealing?

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    • Then why did you marry him? Did you like bad boys when you were younger, or not realise he was one?

    • Obviously I didn't realise that marrying him was a mistake until years later. And because of the experience, I now know I don't like bad boys.

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