Girls, texting a girl. Can you let me know your opinion?

Hi Guys,
I met this girl while i was working on the weekend. Got her number and have been texting on and off for 2 weeks. I've asked her out to catch up for a drink twice and she always saying ill let you know when I'm free when I suggest a night. We get along pretty well, but she's told me when she gave me her number that she got out of a bad relationship. Is this something worth pursuing?

My text games not the best. Does this usually take this long for a girl to go on a date with you?



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  • Means, she is intersested to you a little bit, that's why you both are still texting, but she expects you to be patient if you want to take another level. That is why she said to you that she just got out a bad relationship.
    Also, may be you are wondering is this something worth? At her side, when she is busy and just got a bad broken heart, she might ask the same question, if dating with you is worthy. However, a good sign is that she does not ignore your text, I think she just asked your patience and may be a little attention from you to heal his broken heart.


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  • she could just be busy... sometimes i am busy for ages

  • no i would let that one go