Girls, What would you want me to say?

If you were on a dating site, and a guy was to
message you for the first time, what would you want him to say? Some girls hate when a guy just says hi. So what do I say?
What would make you more apt to reply back?


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  • I Am on a reputable dating site, @Rahdle, that I have used for a few years now, and whenever someone new comes on to me to 'Message you for the first time,' I do not appreciate the usual: Hi, Sexy. It's a turn off and with Other Compliments that go even deeper, it is a way for me to push a button and Delete, Delete And... Delete him.
    However, with a simple "Hi," which I do accept, or even "I liked your photos, they were great," to me that is Very tasteful and this will Surely Get my Attention and with That... Has gotten them brownie points and a date, even A... Mate.
    Good luck. xx

    • Very insightful. Thank you bunches!

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    • lol:)) xxoo

    • Thank you so much, @Rahdle, for the Vote of Confidence, and Happy Hunting.:)) xxoo

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  • Say hello, very, very briefly introduce yourself. Mention what about the woman's profile made you contact/interested her and mention any similar interest. Maybe ask a question about that particular interest. Basically try to find something that you have in common or something that interested you about her profile and fit that in. Don't make a long paragraph though, try to make it brief.

  • Send a message asking her about a mutual interest or something you saw on her profile. This will score brownie points cause it shows you actually read her info and it's different from the common and boring "hi" or "hey how you?" messages...

  • even if i've never been using any dating site i wouldn't like a guy to message me "hi" because this reminds me of creeps

  • Yeah, if you just say hi, I assume you didn't even read my profile and delete you without responding. I want you to take a few sentences to introduce yourself and tell me what about my profile made you decide to write me. If you say I'm cute and that's the only thing, I'll assume you're shallow. If you tell me that you share many of the interests I named and something else I said piqued your curiosity and then admit that you hate my favorite author and by the way you thought my pictures were really cute, I'm definitely going to write you back.


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