Second choice and rebound girl?

I have been talking to this guy, lets call him Dave, for about three months now. He doesn't go to my school but he constantly calls and asks to hang out like for coffee, pizza, just talking etc. It was nothing serious, he constantly hinted at a relationship forming but I just shrugged it off. We were just friends, good quick chaps that liked to talk a lot. So then about a month and a half in I discover that I might be forming feelings for this guy too, but not as much as he obviously felt for me. So then about a week or two ago he told me that his ex called, and that they talked for like a 102584958 hours because they hadn't talked in a really long time. Then he started talking about her because they were talking again and it wasn't the stereotypical awkwardness that came with talking to an ex, it was like they were dating again! He keeps talking and talking about this chick and its well kind of weird for me to hear about it. I feel like a second choice/rebound kind of chick, should I move on? Should I just cut it off completely? Or what?


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  • Just move on. It's already bad sign.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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