What is wrong with me?

I'm 23 female. I've never been in a relationship. Still a virgin. Im also a bigger girl.

Anyways I get a lot of people on dating sites interested. But they always turn me off and i lose interest. I lose interest emmediatly if they say I'm sexy or if they only want to hook up and don't want anything serious. I want something serious and most of them want to just hook up. I want to settle down.

Also if they don't like the same things I like I don't feel any connection at all. Forninstance I'm a tv show fanatic and if they don't watch the same shows I lose interest. It doesn't have to be every show but similar shows in general. Also animals. I own a lot and if they can't accept the (poultry, cats, dogs) then I emmediatly retreat. My pets are my passion.

There is only one guy I felt something with and it was a coworker. He liked the same things as me (not show wize) but he owned same animals, music, food as me and it was amazing. I still feel something for him. He will text me out of the blue and I emmediatly wait for a reply or a hopeful text. I never told him how I felt and that was over a year ago. I no longer work there so I never see him tho.

I hate to say it but if he were to ask me out id emmediatly agree. Deep down he is all I want. I feel sorta pathetic and I don't know what to do.

The guy I'm talking to thinka I'm his soulmate and the kne. I talked with him over the phone and messages. Known him for 2 days now. I just don't feel the same. My life is complicated. What to do?


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  • I think you should just start up a conversation with that guy you had something for. But don't immediately do the "wanna has relationship wid meh?" because that will be too much too sudden for him. Instead, like, try to get back in touch. Ask him how he was then move on from there.


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  • You just haven't met someone whom you are truly interested in. There is nothing wrong with you. You are only 23, you have plenty of time.


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  • You're still quite young. Give it time. I know it's hard, but patience is key. Dating sites may not be the best since you may only get men who want nothing more than a quickie. Try seeking the guys in your own environment, at school, at work, at a club, a group meeting, an organization, a club, anything like that. Also, there is nothing wrong with a lady asking a man out. Just ask him out for coffee or lunch.


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