Girlfriend tells her boyfriend he swept her feet after several months. She now sees him as the One?

Plus she claimed she will love him forever. I'm kinda cynical because I've seen too many broken promises, but what do you think? The irony, they broke up for two days before this.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't believe in having the one, however you settle for what's best for you. I think you can multiple the ones, just depends on your happiness really.

    • But if a girl promised to love him forever?

    • People shouldn't make promises they can't keep x

What Guys Said 1

  • I think I'm getting your timeline a little mixed up. So she tells him that he 'swept her off her feet' after dating for several months. They break up and two days later she says she sees him as the one? The order is sort of important and I'm having trouble lining it up in my mind for a proper answer

    • No, she was sad and crying for two days, and she posted something that refers to moving on. Then the next day she posted a pic that she promised to love him forever, called him the best thing ever. I think he did something that made her happy.

    • It usually comes down to 'the one right now'. But to me, it only means anything until after marriage. Before, it's still anyone's game

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