I have taken this situation too far, please help?

So I made a fake second account on here to get answers to questions from girls that they wouldn't normally answer with this account. I met this 14 year old bisexual girl I start making stuff up, after a while I feel really bad, now she is moving in my town to attend the high school I stop attending 6 years ago, she had a lesbian crush on the fake account and things have gone too far. What should I do?

I deleted it and told the truth.


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  • you must tell the truth! Sometimes the truth hurts, but is better than keep lying

    • I did thanks!

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    • No problem but something she did after I said that was she decided to deactivate her account (which might mean she might of been a fake) she avoided showing different pics of herself (that might mean she is shy , or she might be avoiding it , she even refused to record a video of herself unless I did it first.

    • no maybe she was or maybe she get dissapoint about it, cuz she feel conected to u, otherwise she doesn't trust u, and she might take a few months to recover the confident in u

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  • Come clean, apologize, and then leave her alone.

  • You just need to tell the truth, the only way out.

  • Why would u do that that's not cool tell her the truth then block her so you don't have to deal with her


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  • Nigga! You should just hit yourself in da balls with a mallet.

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