Girls - Why would I be likened to a "Little Brother"?

I was casually dating this girl who I was pretty into until some choice words were used.
She said I was like her little brother, while embracing eachother in bed.
Not only is that really weird to me especially in the situation it was said, but I'm older than she is as well.

I realize this is a hard question to answer without knowing me personally, but if you've ever called someone that, why? Or why do you think someone would say that?


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  • I think its weird to reference someone who you're cuddling in bed with as a sibling. It's like giving the whole relationship an incest-y vibe. I'd never tell someone I'm cuddling with that they're like my brother or something. Thats just awkward. I don't know. Maybe she has some weird fetish or something.
    Cause like, when they tell someone they're like their brother or sister, the person is usually friendzoned.

    • Literally incest was the first thing that came to mind.. I felt so grossed out that I turned the other direction.

    • If someone told me that I was like their "younger sister" while we were cuddling, I'd feel really uncomfortable. Like, that'd be the end of snuggles and I wouldn't try to pursuit anything anymore.
      However, if you have a thing for her, maybe you should ask what she meant by that comment.

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  • If she called u little brother normally that would me she cares a lot about you, and feels very close to u, i wouldn't normally expect a boy to call her boyfriend a little brother though. But i know girls who call guy friends of there's "little brothers' or "he's like a brother" and end up hooking up with them - so i guess it depends on the girl. I wouldn't stress about it - girls can be complicated.

  • Maybe she's very comfortable with you. She trusts you and doesn't think you'll hurt her. Maybe you should be more romantic.

    • Oddly enough she also had said she didn't trust me while in the same embrace.

    • Maybe she just wanted some.

    • Told me "no sex" but she had condoms, drank alcohol with me even. All signs point to what you might think. But I heard the word platonic about 20 times.

  • Well obviously she has sex with her little brother

    • Right? Fucking weirded me out.. Except there is no brother in the picture. SMH.

  • Because you're not as mature as she is

    • I consider myself mature, I run my own business, deal with clients professional and have worked in corporate environments where immaturity is not an option.
      However I am very jovial and usually joking around (I can't help it, I make myself laugh easily around other people.) But I can get serious when need be and have an introspective/deep conversation with people.
      What is maturity to you? Honestly.

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