Girls, Any girls out there over 26 and been single for a while?

Any ladies out there over 26 and single for a while how do you cope? Where do you meet new guys?


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  • I was single for almost my entire twenties. I am now 29 years old and just started dating my boyfriend 6 months ago.

    I coped by maintaining a strong and meaningful social life with friends, and focusing on doing things that I love and enjoy such as traveling and playing sports.

    As for where to meet guys - just doing things you love. That's the best way to meet them.. I've gone on dates with guys I have met at the ski hill or at the pub, etc. I met my boyfriend playing soccer when he subbed on my team from another team that my captain was acquainted with. I'd been playing on that team for 5 years without ever expecting it to bring me a relationship when all the sudden, there he was lol

    • Wow thanks for the inspiring story. Did you date at all and just have bad luck? What do you think turned your luck around? I'll be 26 soom and have been single since I've been 22. No luck I'm dating :(

    • I dated here and there, but nothing really panned out for me. I didn't go on a tonne of dates. It was part luck, and part being picky. I had a few 1-3 month long flings here and there, and went on date and stuff, but not a whole lot was going on in my love life. I started going on more dates the last few years as I ramped up my effort to find someone, but going on more dates basically just came down to me agreeing to go out with people even though I wasn't interested and just sort of hoping maybe a date or two would change my mind. In the end, I didn't end up finding my boyfriend by lowering my standards or agreeing to more dates, but simply by doing something I loved and him just happening to show up on my team one night. I instantly felt an attraction to him so I stalked him on facebook and added him, and then we started chatting and he asked me out.

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  • You cope by staying busy and having great friends and family by your side. You must first be happy with yourself before looking to enter a relationship. A relationship will not make you whole no matter how much you want it to... try meeting guys at the gym or take a class in something you are interested in such as photography. Find a hobby that you need to join a team/group. Also, consider expanding your circle of friends and see if they can introduce you to new people. I'm not saying you should date co-workers, but they can introduce you to their friends if you attend a social gathering.

  • Yeah it sucked for awhile
    then pushed into ballroom/C&W dance lessons
    and my social life turned around and minimal bad guys around


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