How many of you met your significant other at college?

who asked who? how did they ask? what attracted you to them? do you have any advice for a single guy going to college hoping to potentially meet someone? (advice besides be yourself because of course I'm going to be myself lol).

thank you for taking the time in reading and answering my question.


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  • We knew each other at college, started dating at the uni.
    I had asked her out to a show, just because. Two months later she asked me if I wanted to be her travel companion to Paris. By extraordinary luck I was free, not broke and looking for a travel companion too. (I had dumped my ex a few weeks before).
    He had asked a common female friend about me.
    I had to meet her parents first, granny included. :-S
    Nothing happened in Paris, a romantic kiss excepted. When we came back home we started dating.

    • nice! thank you for your answer sir! I appreciate it.

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  • I never went on a date with any guy at college, lol. I don't like any guys at my college 😳

  • I have! It's nice.


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