Why won't anyone want me? Or rather why do I think that nobody wants me? Am I doing something wrong?

I'm almost 18 and I've never been in a relationship. I know people are going to say that this is normal and it's ok etc. but I really really want to be with somebody just to experience what it's like. I honestly think to myself what it is that's wrong with me that I can't get a guy and I have no idea why. I don't mean to sound cocky, I'm a pretty shy person and I just don't understand how it's so hard for me to find someone I like to like me. I Have though, been with one guy a few times and we've made out and cuddled and stuff but it's like everyone just wants sex and I personally want to get to know someone forreal before I do anything with them. Boys say they want to hang out with me but I feel like they're joking and only want to be with me to fuck me. I don't really have a problem with that it's quite flattering but I want something more than that just a guy to talk to and cuddle with and possibly date. PLEASE help me! What am I doing wrong?


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  • You're probably constantly thinking guys want to just fuck you so you push guys away!

    • Honestly I really do, The majority of guys in highschool are only into sex. and I don't know how to show someone that I'm actually interested lol I'm partly scared to

    • Smile, get to know em.

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  • First of all: think of yourself as a worthy person that's the first thing to do.
    Now, I never ever had a boyfriend if this will make you a little bit less lonely, until almost 2 years ago and it happened when I lost hope as you did here and I was hating myself and heartbroken and things like that I just met him and we have been together since then even if we don't actually see each other. The point here is not to tell you that "wow you are a total forever alone and I am succeful" but to tell you that if you didn't have one it means that you didn't meet the right one, consider this as a good thing I know that seeing people in relationship and having fun with their boyfriend really make you feel bad and unattractive but believe me when you find YOUR guy you will be thankful just let it happen don't push it.

    • Thank you. I guess I need to not dwell on it too much and just let it happen when it happens. ☺️

    • Yes! You will be fine ;) and you are a person worth a real Man ^_^

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  • Can Be Friends... My User Name samikhanzsk


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