Girls, (under 25 please) does a guys hair really letter this much?

So I have a mate of mine who balded really early and fast. He opted to shave it skinhead bald at 19 like Bruce Willis and he pulls it decently. But he's always telling us girls avoid him and it's the no hair, and yeah I've heard some girls bash it and know looks do stack into romance quite a bit, and I know bald guys have asked questions about hair before but I figured girls might tell them it's fine because it's what they want to hear, so girls this question comes from a guy with hair who wants to know if his friend is exaggerating: Is a very young guy being bald a turn off to young women and would you turn down a guy with no hair? Honesty is the key, if it turns out it does matter we'll stop giving our friend shit about his hair.

  • A bald young guy can still be attractive, I'd date a bald guy
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  • He's right, it really is a turn off at this age, probably wouldn't get past it
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I also just realized the huge typo in the title, change 'letter' to 'matter' in your heads please haha


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  • I know a lot of girls where that might be a problem. They place a lot of value on hair so he's not wrong with saying girls aren't all on TeamBaldy. To if he's got a nice personality and is not offensive looking then it's a non-issue.
    Besides I recently shaved all my hair off and I promise girls are much better about it than guys are.

    • Would you say the majority of young women are against it though? Cause if it's even just 50/50 girls who find it a turn off I don't see an issue as girls and people in general are going to find some reason not date others. I heard a true saying that to everyone 90% of the populace is undateable, and the 10% vary to everyone. But yeah would you say it's a majority opinion amongst girls that it's a big turn off? I know you can't know for sure but you talk more openly with girls on these subjects more than any guy haha

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    • Haha, good to know, thanks. It's grown a bit since I shaved it off but I was completely bald to begin with and I got a lot of weird looks. I'm a medical student, I'm in my cancer block as in working with cancer for the next month.

    • Oh I see, yeah that is really kind of you to donate your hair, and even though you get weird looks good things happen to good people right? While I don't really believe that, it still is kind what your doing, and also in going into a medical field, I'm doing skydiving courses maybe for tandem as they get paid good, so my profession would be basically an activity I enjoy which is much more selfish than helping people get back to health haha. But no I think you can pull of bald well for a girl, yeah you'll get weird looks but hey, you have attention at least I suppose.

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  • From age 22 to 24 I was hopelessly in love with a man who had very little hair left and shaved it all off by the time we broke up.

  • There's tons of super hot bald guys!!! I mean they have to be able to pull it off, but when they can it's sexy as hell.

    • What would they have to do to pull it off? My friend has a great face and headshape but he is a smaller guy, very slender despite working out and it's just his build, he's like 5'8 and he is really pale, basically two steps above ginger and when he tried tanning he went from red right back to white haha. So he isn't some tall dark jacked guy. He's skinny pale but shape and all is good.

    • He sounds fine to me. I mean bulking up wouldn't hurt. Protein shakes work well. My husband is fairly slender (he has a high under shave, but he shaves it to bald and has dreadlocks on the top of his head) and he's very muscular/toned, but when he works with his uncle instead of his dad he eats more and drinks protein shakes and slowly gets bigger in a good way. Also tons of junk food since he has a sweet tooth, doesn't hurt though.

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