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I been dating this awesome guy everything was fine, out of nowhere he became very distant, hardly speaking to me, didn't want to hangout. after shutting me out for about two weeks he told me me two days later he needs space n time to think he is having problems with his child n stressed about work n doesn't know what he wants anymore. So I told him I understand about his kid being I have one that had gone through something similar, but instead of saying he was going through something he just said nothing even when I asked what was wrong n then he hits me with he doesn't know what he wants anymore that this was out of no where n that especially he was close with my child we need stability not someone that doesn't handle stress n just closes out n leaves , this turned into an argument and he ended up telling me everything and that he's she wants him n her mom back together and then he said he's not ready to go down this road , he doesn't let people in because he let her mom in and years later they broke up and though this happened about 3 years ago he is still hurt and when I asked him why he pushed for a relationship with me and to be apart of my child's life as well if he wasn't ready he said he was until his kid started saying wants him n mom back together. I've never met his child, I also found out she doesn't like when he dates , we've both made plans for our kids to meet but it never happened. He kept saying he needs to be alone for now to focus on his child which I said he should , and I also told him confided to him and basically told him he's a grown maN n he shouldn't compare me to his ex especially I am nothing like her which he knows. We haven't spoken since and I miss him like crazy. Like it was messed up I understand where he is coming from to a point , like legit out of nowhere he basically peaced me. I do want to be with him it's been about a week, I want to say something but I don't know , I don't know what to do it feels like my hearts been torn out. I know I shouldn't waste my time but I don't know. What should I do or say , should I wait for him to say something?


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  • Guys have a tendency to distance themselves and isolate when they have issues. It's a common thing all around.

    It's difficult to say if it is fixable or not as children are always important.

    All you can do is make sure if you want to spend your time with him or not. Since you say you miss him like crazy I assume you do. So the best you can do is being there, being supportive, a light insisting (without pushing) and see if he will react to it with time. Normally if he feels the same given a bit of space he will want to get back together with you as well. If not, then you at least know what you are at. Give it 2-3 months max I think.


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  • Have you heard of a period? Use it


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  • Give him the space he has asked for. As a guy, and to be honest this goes for everyone, when we ask for space, we want it.

    He'll come round, and if he doesn't come round then so what?

    So I recommend you wait it out till he contacts you. When he does contact you, assume he wants to speak again and maybe organise a meet up?


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