Can you give me some do and donts to talking to women? What do women like to talk about?


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  • just be nice and confident.


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  • Talking to women is not always the easiest thing, especially if you really like them or think they're very attractive. As for the actual act of talking to women, it depends on how easy they chose to make it for you and how easy you chose to let it be for you.
    Some obvious don'ts: don't check them out while standing in front of them. Don't put your hands in your pockets. Don't look around (keep eye contact but don't stare) and don't make any faces (like if she says something funny, don't overly laugh).
    Do show interest and respond correctly to her piece of the conversation. Do display appropriate body language. Do smile. Do keep the conversation simple and relaxing.
    Girls are just like guys, in that they don't mind talking to the opposite sex. And there are social norms that you can talk about ranging from their own wellness to fun things to do. Honestly, it's not what you want to ask for specific, since asking a girl what 2+2 is, she would respond 4. But if you ask why she thinks 2+2=4, she might have a little more to say. Open ended questions are the key to a good conversation and help her talk longer other than just answering shortly. You can talk about almost anything, but get them talking and make sure they know you're listening. Then when she goes home, she'll have a better opinion of you and want to talk to you again. We don't remember everything about a conversation, but we certainly remember the feelings behind them, and girls are creatures of emotion. So it doesn't' really matter what you talk about, as long as you can leave that lasting feeling. Ask them what they like and then talk about that, just so you're sure you're on a topic that won't bore them.


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  • DON'T change your preferences or POV's on things to try and get her attention or make it seem like you have common interests.

    DO accept that you aren't compatible if there are to many things you can't accept or strongly disagree with about her POV's.

  • Oh u look nice by the way -don't hesitate-
    I'm. ... u? oh that's nice... ur name is kindda reminding me of some beautiful moments.. I don't know.. stupid right? with a laugh. . - whatever she say. .. just answer it -
    So... i hope m not bothering u here... u wait for someone?-if no, then keep it flowing-
    so.. what about it... how was ur day..., that's cool
    Me? well... -add some drama with it-
    So u said u have been there, tell me about. . i don't remember the place.. -even if u do remember, this question may dig a small hole through the ice between u n her-
    -whatever the place is, just act like u felt the mood n talk about how nice or bad it is-
    -if ure done talking... stop for a minute, give it a little bit silence, look around... give her a chance to ask u... if she did, then it's just open for u to do the dunk...-
    - if she didn't, think about a lie, a small lie to tell her about. .. like-
    What a beautiful day, i don't know, there's something different about it! -while ure looking around, with a smile -
    -she would look around and feel the area unconsciously, she'd feel there's something changed or different because u mentioned it- -if she said why... it's open for u to do the dunk again. .. just keep doing the small lies- - then, talk about girlfriend's/boyfriends. .. after it ask her if she has a one, if she do.. be as what u r, don't change the mood, give it a smile n say-
    Oh.. i missed it... but cool, meant to be friends. . if u don't mind - with a sarcastic smile -
    -give it a time for her to ask u back-
    - dont stop the convo at the bf/gf question -
    - just keep doing the routine -
    Then.. so.. it was really nice meeting u, but i have my friends waiting me out... can i have ur number... -take it, give a little touch on her hand - hope to see u again - and leave-
    - well, if she has no boyfriend. ... i don't need to tell u what u hv to do then.. -
    -Keep the convo, tell her how it was nice meeting her, give an excuse to leave, take the number, smile and leave...-

    Just remember, however the girl looks like to u.. just look nice, show a smiley face, don't hesitate, keep it together, show confidence, spread ur words clearly, whatever she ask u give her not a long or short answer, in between. ... be a little bit dramatic, don't talk about everything about ur self, u have to keep something for the future or u will be no longer interesting. ... make the conversation about her... ask questions and wait to be asked back, if not, u can change the topic or leave, it's up to u..


    • Thank you for all the info and advice.

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