Do I work things out with him, or move on?

He asked me out four days in advance. We got along pretty well, hung out a bit, and I was super excited to get to know him better. But then, he forgot about our first date, and when I told him we could improvise (trying not to make him feel bad) he said he was too tired to out. I said fine, and didn't text him back. I was very irritated. He had begged a mutual friend to set him up with a girl, so she introduced me, and now it's like he doesn't care about a potential relationship at all. I will not expect to be his first priority, but I'd love to be in the top 10.

Three days later, he's texting me again "hey" and "did you die?" and (not kidding, exact quote) "whatssssss wrongggg?" I've been ignoring him still. I realize now that he either 1. doesn't know what he did wrong, or 2. is trying to ignore it and hoping I will do the same.

Now, we've chatted and he's really fun, but he has no plans for his future (he's 26, there's an 8 year age gap between us). All he wanted to do when we hung out was kiss--he was my first kiss. I know hardly anything about him because he doesn't want to talk about himself, ever. I've tried. He says stuff like "I'm boring" and "there's nothing to say" or changes the subject.

I thought he wasn't interested in me when he changed his mind on the date. But since he's texting me again, I've had to re-evaluate that a bit. Should I explain why I'm angry and work things out, or end it early?
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  • I think you should talk to him about the way you see the things he does. If he doesn't know let him know. Tell him that you need not want to learn more about him and don't let him pressure you into doing things you don't want to do. If you don't want to kiss, don't because kissing is almost always an invitation for sex and since you just had your first kiss I'm sure you're a virgin. You'll regret it if you give it to someone not worth it. You've held onto it this long don't let some guy snatch it from you.


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  • Just move on.


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