Why am I scared to get close to a boy like I want a relationship with a boy but I'm scared of boys for 1?


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  • its fine your just a kid, dont worry about it, you'll find a nice guy in time , enjoy your life.

    but it helps just to get out there and try talking to him. he can only say no.

    • I just get scared that I'll talk to someone and they will be really nice for a couple of. months and then turn and be aggressive and violent I only think this cuz I've seen domestic volences all my life and I'm just scared of boys now

    • thats a risk true, which is why you have to be careful and strong and smart , take no shit from any guy who turns vilent, if he even tries to hurt u, leave him no matter how u feel. be caeful who you choose , dont go for aggressive or mean guys even if there nice to you. and especially in ur case and because of ur age keep anything sexual out of the equation.

      but my advice is if u see a nice guy you like just go and talk to him and it'll get easier each time i promise, but keep in mind especially if things get bad, u dont have to date them, u dont have to stay, ur free to come and go as u please regardless of anything he could do or say. most dont know that so knowing u dont have to stay if it looks like something u dont want, do u fee any more confident?

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  • You don't want to get hurt maybe.


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