What kind of feeling does my online dating profile give off?

What kind of feeling do you get from reading this and does it reveal things about me to you as a total stranger. I'm sorry in advance for it being so long :(.. Good chunk got cutoff so here is a Pastebin pastebin (dot) com/yKaWnCvb again uber sorry for so much writing :(

A spontaneously random human being who changes topics in a flash and makes every conversation either random as hell or something interesting with actual meaning. I love and enjoy quality conversations, I dislike and absolutely hate pointless conversations about celebrities or Kardashians.

I have a big silly and childish side to me which I openly admit to, however its something that is locked away and must be unlocked. I got a brownie point system going for the unlocks, so no worry. As much as I love to be random, silly and at times childish I have limits to how low I will go, and in same moment know how to act like a true man.

I'm one of the stupid people who will stand his ground and go to the last breath, see I did say stupid. Outside of that I'm a rather basic person really, I got a half decent love for music. Mostly any type of music for exceptions being classical and jazz which I don't like much.

Food wise it's same as music, anything goes. But if I had to pick my favourite food it would probably be Teriyaki or Sushi. I absolutely love Asian food, and yep I'm well aware that the fish is raw... but damn its good :) with some sake.

Now that I spoke of alcohol, I may be a buzzkill on this since I'm not a big drinker. I will have few drinks a month but that is usually very rare. I have my own reasons for not being very friendly with alcohol, but that is something best discussed over a cup of coffee after few dates when you actually get to know the person bit more and upgrade them from a stranger that will probably try to rob you of your kidney to a stranger you can somewhat trust.


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  • Way too wordy. If they want to know, they'll ask.

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    • I do value others opinions, but in same time I don't see a major need to change my ways to please anyone. Yep, I'm sarcastic. Yep I'm probably on your shit list. But in the end I'm 50% sociopath so zero care given :)

    • Hey man you're the one who asked

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