Girls, should I cut bait and run or give her time?

Facts: She is seperated, had a rebound boyfriend that ended, changed jobs, is moving and getting new transportation, has known me for a little over a year.

Me: All cliche things one could imagine that makes a man desirable, looks, humor, in shape, smell good.

Now, I took said girl on a date. It lasted over eigh hours and went all over town and was an absolute blast for both of us. Check off every damn thing imaginable. We alternated paying tabs, laughed a lot, and at the end of the night, she made the first move and we kissed. I mean the passionate kiss. Held her tight and was loathe to let her go. Post date, she is texting me about how awesome a time she had, especially the last part. All good. Since I have known her I asked if I could make her dinner. She said yes.

Dinner rolls around a few days later and it was a hit, four courses and her favorite flowers. Little wine, a lot of talk about personal history, then she needed to leave and as I hugged her, she again went for the passionate kissing, and it was good. Side note, she made some sexual innuendos to me on her way out. But maybe it was the wine talking.

Not long after, between engagments, she asked me to stop by a bar she was at to meet one of her friends. During that time while in the bathroom, her friend intimated to me that she said the dinner I made was the best ever. Then said she couldn't stop smiling.

So as our next date approached, something simple, a move, she cancelled. Gave me a text barrage about, we need to be friends first, she can't expose her heart, she can't be in a relationship right now.

I never made the first move. I never suggested sex, if anything I told her straight up that could wait, and I certainly never asked her for a relationship.

She said she liked spending time with me. I said I would be here when she wanted to hang out with me again. I still get morning texts from her.



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  • I would wait for her. Be polite about her, she is still clearly figuring herself out.

  • I believe you should.


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