How should I react to this?

There is this guy that is 11 years younger than me. First I didn't dare to flirt but when I did he flirted back. So I sent him a request on facebook. We talked a little bit. He was nice and complimented me (said I was beautiful). But his answers were very short and he didn't answer some questions. I assumed he might prefer to meet and talk in person instead so I asked him if he wanted to meet. He suggested to go have a coffee and asked me where I want to go. I suggested a place and asked him what time is convenient for him. He replied after 5 days, just saying the place I suggested is fine. But he didn't answer my question when we should meet... i wonder if he really wants to meet. i also suspect he might be shy and is a bit afraid of meeting. He is only 19 :-/...

Is he not really interested or is it something else?

And also how should I react?

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We had a date arranged once. He cancelled it the last minute, BUT he asked if we could meet that same week. I couldn't, so we tried to rescedule for the next week but I couldn't make it that week either. Last message I sent was asking him to tell me when its convenient for him.. Never heard back from him. Today I saw him, but he avoided me. We never talked in person and I assume he might be shy and does not know how to act - or was he never really interested at all?


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  • Hard to say. The likeliest explanation is that he's just a really immature guy, which I suppose is normal for his age.

    The impression I'm getting is that he isn't really interested. Sorry to say. If he were interested I'd expect a greater degree of motivation and basic courtesy.

    It's always exciting to explore the prospect of a new romance, maybe especially when there's something unusual or a bit transgressive about it, like an age difference. So I understand why you're intrigued by the possibility. My advice would be to play it cool and let him make any further moves.

    I hope this works out for you and at the same time I suspect your future lies elsewhere. :) Good luck.

    • Thanks for your honest opinion. I agree that there should be more effort if he really wanted to see me. I think it also does not help that we have not seen each other in person for a month and never talked to each other. I think this also adds to insecurity (for me it does, additionally to the age difference). And having not seen him so long even my feelings are not as strong anymore. I guess its not an ideal situation all in all..

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    • Oh thank you! Well, I wasn't looking for a younger guy. I just saw him regularely and felt attracted to him. I can find men in the age range from 18-50 attractive, even though I'd like a guy my age for a relationship :-).
      If it does not work out its no drama. But it doesn't happen often that two complete strangers are attracted to each other, so I thought I'd just try and see what happens.. Thanks again for your help! :-)

    • You did the right thing. :)

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  • I don't think he is that interested.


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