I feel like giving up completely, should I?

I don't want to sound like a little bitch, and I ain't going into this shit again,(sorry, annoyed at the moment). Like this girl, haven't seen her around, I was going to go talk to her on a school outing, but then I heard we are split into our gender groups for all years. Now my plan has been screwed, friends are telling me I think about it to much, but the thing is... doesn't everybody? Err I don't know, don't want to give up but I feel like this is just pointless if I I can't do anything without getting too nervous or she's in a goddamm huge group.


P. S. I tried listening to "DO IT", but the motivation just ain't drilling into my face.


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  • Look listen to me I'm a girl and this will work if she's a good person. Go up to her and the giant pack of man eaters she hangs out with. Ask her if she can talk in private (she'll most likely say yes)
    Walk her away from the group.
    Compliment her and then tell her you want to be more than friends and ask her out. Their is never a missed chance with a girl and not trying to quote Others but you gotta do it because I KNOW YOU CAN!

    • Thanks, damn it, I'm so darn nervous, hey listen, is there anyway we could talk about this in PM over the website, I think it would be easier so I don't publish this to the whole world. Thanks, it would really help, since you look like you know what your saying. And since the girl I like is pretty much the same age as you.

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