does he still like me?

I've known this guy since November last year. We started out flirting and hanging out during school until he graduated and moved. /: originally, he assumed I was older and once I told him my age it's like he was completely turned off. I just turned 16 and now he's all over me. Here are some of the signs I've picked up on

-Numerous compliments on my appearence
-Fliriting w/ emojis. Mostly the kissy face one here and there
-Asking to hang out when he gets back (he's moving back here)
-Asking for my actual cell number
-Offering help with my music (something we're both passionate about)
-Liking all my selfies on social media and usually being one of the first likers
-Following most of my social media accounts out of the blue
-He remembers things I've talked about months ago

I'm constantly doubting myself he's into me because of the rejection before! I'm not sure if I'm just picking out the positives.. maybe it's normal behavior? IM DEAD SERIOUS!! I'm clueless with this guy. It doesn't help that he's extremely mysterious too although I find that intriguing about him. Please help. I really really like him. I feel like I'm going crazy!

if he does like me, what do you think his intentions are based on what info I provided


Most Helpful Guy

  • From everything you've written, he definitely is interested. But how interested or in what way, I can't say for sure. The main point is that he's changed his tune so now it's your turn to see where it goes. The main points are to not make a big deal about it (even though you might be freaking out in your mind) and lure him in slowly. Make sure he's on the hook and keep him there until he's going crazy. Remember, he went from uninterested to interested, so make the next jump to mildly amused and then to like. You'll be fine, mostly just try to spend time with him and he'll let you know what's up.


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  • It sounds like a good sign that he could possibly have feelings for you ,


What Girls Said 2

  • Aw he definitely likes u. He probably wants u to be his girlfriend.

  • I think he does.

    "He remembers things I've talked about months ago"

    Some people just have a good memory, lol.

    Other than that, he does seem interested in you.


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