How do I get over this insecurity?

Ever since I was 7 years old. the only way I thought I could fit in was to act dumb and make the popular kids laugh. i tried to drop this but it followed me up all the way till my senior year in highschool. i have been treated like I was dumb for so long. To the point where I actually started believing I was. Now since I am out in the real world it is so hard to conquer this insecurity. what should i do to help overcome this? I know it was a stupid idea to fit in, please don't judge me.


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  • I can see that you are really feeling it from your last line ;) no it is not stupid and if someone thinks that than they are just trolls! Knowing that that behavior of yours is not actually what you really are is already a good start :D be yourself even if people tell you "oh you are dumb" stand firm and say "no I am not" express your thoughts no matter what they are without having any doubts about it! Even the people that tell you that you are dumb have their insecurities like who knows maybe telling you that is their way to make themselves feel more confident ;) you can discuss subjects with people, you can make good jokes, you can have your own opinion, yes you are NOT dumb! You are a person that was mislead and that needs to be free from what people think about your behavior! You are free to be yourself, they think you are dumb? Who cares! They are the one that are missing a lot ;) find good friends and have fun in your life :D and don't make excuses such as "I have insecurities :( they will think I am dumb :( I am dumb :( I will just be silent " say NO to these thoughts! Changing starts from the inside out build yourself and make yourself :D
    Looking forward the person you will reveal to be when you make it ;)

    • I read this comment today and it made my day. thanks for putting in the effort to help me. Have a nice day

    • I am glad that I helped :D and as I said looking forward to see you Rock your world ;)

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  • grow some balls.


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