Why is most of our generation scared of being honest, real, and vulnerable?

Recently, I was ignored by a guy because I was straightforward and laid it on the line after he ignored me and started this push/pull game. I told him how I felt about him and that I wasn't going to play the push/pull game, but in a nice, loving way, and said if he didn't message me back, I'd move on, make peace with it and wish him the best. He completely ignored me and didn't even say as much as a "I wish you well too." Why does the majority of our generation shy away/ignore honest communication? Why do we choose to ignore and passive-aggressively hold in how we feel? I could have let things rock on, but I'd rather be honest and know now than keep hoping he'll feel the same and stop his immature behavior. Or, another scenario, get into a relationship with someone who will always treat me this way. Life is too short to play games and hide how you feel/who you really are. I don't understand why so many people are scared of it and those who communicate this way.


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  • It is because of how people communicate with one another. Example, you doing that through texting, had you CALLED he most likely would have engaged in a conversation for a few minutes. (it is true he might have ignored your call or just hung up, but not likely)

    I for one don't shy away from honest and open communication and wouldn't date a girl who did.

    • Yours thoughts are just like mine :)

    • Either way, it's disregarding the fact that he had a choice and he made it. He didn't communicate, but instead ignored. If I had called him, I would have gotten the same response. Sometimes, people just won't communicate, no matter what outlet because they can't and/or aren't willing.

      Me, knowing how he already was acting, didn't want the pressure of a phone call for him (I told him I just wanted to be myself with him and him be himself with me... and that I knew he was scared). Either way, I got my answer. I just wish people would realize ignoring is not the way to go and is technically emotional abuse because of how the brain interprets it.

      That's all. :)

    • Yes, you are right Asker.
      Some people are socially withdrawn people in general.
      However, the mis-use of technology has made that even more common.

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  • How about we start with the fact that communication with each other has gone to the shits because of the mis-use of technology.
    If someone wants a frank answer, they are going to have to do their communication face to face.
    There's a world of computers and phones, someone could hide behind when replying back with a couple of words for a response.

    • Exactly. This guy was too scared to even hang out alone outside of our friend's parties. He didn't like the pressure. Well, if you don't want pressure, then don't talk to women and date. Honestly, it is an outlet for people to hide behind and ignore the fact that you can only build something real in person.

    • Yes, I agree.

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  • yea but a guy like that isn't worth it.
    Lots of psychopathic qualities are used in this media culture of ours. The obsession with not giving a crap, moving on really quick, and trying to show other's how much better their lives are compared to other people. -_- its a popularity contest this day in age.
    Life is too short? Nah, life is a long time. A real long time, and people rush things when they don't get what they think they need right away. So they damage people in the process,

  • Your parents teach you that you shouldn't be honest, otherwise you will actually get a punishment for what you have done.

  • well thats how life is nothing we can do, you get me fam?

  • Because Feminism nowadays makes it less worth while to commit to one woman.

    Because men aren't supposed to show that they are hurt or vulnerable or have romantic expectations as well. Too much man shaming and blaming today.

    In this day and age, having a semi serious but consistent friend with benefits is probably the most ideal set up for males.

    • I think you're spot on about friends with benefits being the best arangment for a guy nowadays

    • Less worthwhile to commit... how exactly? Yes, it is bullshit on both accounts and I hate that society is this way.

  • I had a girl do something similar we were supposed to meet up and talk not really a date and she never showed up. Next day I texted her of there was any misunderstanding she said no. Not even an apology from her so I told her I'm done talking to her and then she had the audacity to call me immature!


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  • This is a very good question. I relate SO MUCH to your example. Like you, I'm a no-nonsense person, so I don't appreciate mind games.

    Our young generation right now are so heavily guarded, they're afraid of being rejected/getting their feelings hurt, etc


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