Can you date a guy who thinks he's ugly?

So my boyfriend thinks he's ugly because he was bullied so badly by everyone. The main problem was girls, they would call him ugly and how small he is and etc. This killed he's self-esteem. Girls would even have the balls to tell him they rather f he's friends and he's brother over him to he's face. I remember when he told me that he went to a party and a girl purposely dropped her drink on him to make him leave. Now he's in a relationship (ofc), but he still can't fully let it go. We fight and argue over this because I want him to build up he's self-confidence and he's self worth. He is amazing absolutely my ideal type of guy. He believes he has to be like zyzz to get respect from not just girls now but even men. Zyzz is that body builder that blew up in Australia and all over the world. RIP. I just don't know what to do because now he's just so insecure it's eating him a live (not literally). ALL THE MEN ON HERE PLEASE HELP ME! All he's going to do surgery to redo he's whole face. I can't lose him.


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  • I think u will solve the proplem by keep telling him romantic words and staring in his eyes during kissing


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  • Of course you can date him! But to help him out you must find a way to make him FEEL cute intead of TELLING him he is. Talk about it with him make him feel like he is desirable and that he is handsome and worth the world for you and tell him that surgery can make him worst and fake while he is totally fine try to make him feel that and you will be fine ;)


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  • That sounds terrible. No matter what kind words you tell him, You can't help him. An intervention is mandatory. He needs to see a psychiatrist.

    • He doesn't want to because he thinks he's money can go into he's looks