Guys, How do I get him to see me as a GF?

Im friends with this guy and we've become intimate recently. Usually it would be called a friend with benefits scenario but we do so much together that i think we may be seeing each other?
When i go over to his house we don't always have sex. We will cuddle on the couch and watch movies or he will cook me dinner. He's even made me breakfast in the morning when ice slept over. When i drop him off at work or something he always kisses me goodbye and says he will message or call me.
After a make out session he will kiss my forehead and just hold me or rub my back softly.
When we make out i feel such a deep connection with him. It's hard to explain. We would look into each others eyes and then he would kiss my lips ever do softly. When he hugs me he hugs me for what seems like a long time and always tightly.
I've fallen for him bad.
I told him in a text "i like you more than i planned"
And his reply was "i really like you too I'm just relationship shy"
I asked him about it when i saw him last and he told me about his ex from 3 years ago and that he doesn't like relationships.
So what the heck am i meant to do now? I've fallen head over heels for this guy.


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  • His relationship excuse sounds just as it is, an excuse. There is no good reason why he cannot commit to you if he truly feels the same way about you as you feel about him. Have a talk with him and discuss that you want to be a couple. If he refuses, then you might want to consider moving on.


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  • Ask him to become an exclusive couple. Tell him you want to be his girlfriend. If he refuses, move the hell on. He is just wasting your time.

  • Keep on the corse

  • Ask him about going exclusive and being boyfriend and girlfriend, if he doesn't like that then he's only interested in fucking you.


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