I need to sleep with this girl , out of revenge?

I am sure the title sounds sickening but hear my story. I met up with this girl recently, took her on dates, took her home, and did things but I didn't sleep with her yet. Throughout all this her attitude was cool. But recently we took a road trip together with a few people, and she kept getting angry and being passive aggressive about that I did not carry her stuff (when I did ) or that I did not talk enough in the car or whatever, silly things like that. I looked past that and I tried to talk and be intimate with her, but it was like there was a brick wall, she just wasn't the same person. AND the most sickening part is that 2 or 3 times during the trip, she would say " What a hot guy " " I wanna meet him " when just riding around or sitting somewhere. Now bear in mind she did this in front of me and my friend and her friend. And all these people know that I took this girl on this road trip to be with her. I was shocked and too fucking embarrassed to say anything at the spot. my friend even claimed later he wanted to knock her out. I payed for all the gas and took my car, paid for their food, everything during the trip. I could just forget about her and move on, but I if I do that I just feel like I am the one that have lost the battle. I am really hurt and bitter by her attitude during the whole trip. I need to somehow fuck her and leave her and win this battle. We came back home from the trip yesterday and we haven't had any contact, how should I go about this?


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  • Don't listen to the idiot below me, you should find a way to humiliate her with the help of your friends.


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  • Literally just don't ever contact her again and trust me she will miss you. She's the one with issues... Sounds like she is trying to make you jealous. Leave that loser and she will be distraught when she sees or hears about your new girlfriend...


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  • Having sex with her won't help you feel any better. Just take the entire experience as a lesson of what to avoid in the future and get some counceling to work out how to not use sex as a weapon.


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