Am I overreacting?

We're in a long distance relationship, but will be in the same city in a couple of weeks. So in person, me and my boyfriend are generally pretty great. We have a lot of fun when we're together. However, sometimes I get a little irritated at him. I feel like I am always doing sweet little things for him, leaving him cute notes or pictures and stuff like that. But, he rarely- if ever!- does those kinds of things for me.

I feel like maybe we have different communication styles, but I still wish he was more romantic/ sweet. I know he loves me, but sometimes it's nice to hear sweet things or feel appreciated.

Am I overreacting? Should I bring it up or just let it slide?


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  • Yes, i like to be romantic type of guy , oh the cards i used to buy and give girls that i liked them hahaha <3

  • it is good news


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