Can someone please explain this "dating officially" phrase?

When I was younger, we went out with a girl and after a few dates you asked her if she wanted to date exclusively and she said yes, then a year later you proposed, you got married, had a few kids, etc. We never had this "dating officially" status. So. . . do you go to the courthouse and register as a dating couple? Do you get a dating license or something? Is that what makes it official? And what does it mean if you're dating "unofficially?" I guess that would be like without a license; does that make it illegal?


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  • It means that you two are a legit couple, that's what it means.

    If you're dating unofficially it means that you two are free to see who ever you want.
    You both aren't obligated to one another.


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  • I asked one of my guy friends about this once and he said that "dating officially" to him meant that you no longer saw other people and were allowed to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

    I gather being able to put the "official label" on it was what made it dating "officially", as opposed to "dating exclusively" where you don't see other people but maybe don't go in for the "boyfriend/girlfriend"?

  • It means exactly the same thing as dating exclusively. But to me, it's exclusive from the very first date. I wouldn't get married after a year though, that's too soon for me. People are so obsessed with rushing things.


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