Was it a bad move to invite him to an event?

Known him for 6 weeks and been exclusive since we met but only had the actual talk 2 weeks ago. He is very keen so far and very caring and attentive.

He is keen with making plans and such. However I think he might have commitment issues or other issues as he told me I'm the only girl he like to see more than once a week so far and it scares him a little. yet he sees me 3 to 4 times a week.

Yesterday I sent him an event invite in Sep. I know it's too far ahead but it's an public event. When he came over I asked you saw the invite? He goes I haven't look at it yet will do it later. I sensed excuse so I said don't be afraid it's so far ahead I send this incite to my friends just to let them know this awesome thing is happening. Who knows I might not even want to talk to you in sep then I laugh and kiss him and he mimick me.


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  • No it was fine to invite

    • good to know that, i just thought he might think im some overly attached girl... we are dating exclusively but we are not boyfriend girlfriend yet...

      anyway I didn't like his respond. I told him to chill and I invited a lot of people as a "share" thing more than a real invite besides i don't even know if I will still talk to him in Sep...

    • Good luck

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