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So my best friend she has a boyfriend but her family doesn't know about him, they have been in a relationship for two years and they dont want a lot of people from their culture to know about this until her sister is married and things can get more serious between them like marrige.

So i am dating a guy and i wanted to show him my friends so i showed him all my good friends, and those two, not did i know that he knew her boyfriend from a wedding they had been too both of them, he said he didn't know him well but he had gotten to know his little brother better.

I told my friend today about him and that i am dating him and that he knows her boyfriend but i didn't tell her that he knows her boyfriend... so should i do this? i feel bad and i feel like im hiding things from her and i dont want her to be mad...
I mean he won't go around telling people, he doesn't even care about them being in a rel.. and i havnt introduced him to them yet


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  • I think your friend might be mad if you told her the truth. Only tell her truth if you want to and if it bothers you a lot. I don't think it's a big deal unless your afraid you best friend will find out. They wanted their relationship kept a secret.


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