Did I really fail by not dating in college?

I graduated college a couple months ago. Throughout my 4 years in college I never asked a woman out or even attempted to date. I would go to class, go to work, and go home. Nobody in my family had ever graduated from college so I was primed to be the first. I only focused on work and school. The girls who did like me I ignored them because I didn't want to be distracted from my goal. Because of this choice I was called a failure and was told I wasted the best years of my life. Am I really a failure for this?


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  • You're still really young.
    You're not even half way through mid life span.
    It's not over yet.

    "The race is not for the fastest, it is for the swiftest".

    You can still accomplish all that you want with the ladies.
    Just put yourself out there.
    Go out to different places, and introduce yourself.
    Try to strike up conversation.
    There's plenty of people just getting their life started in their early 30s... you haven't run out of time.

    • And I meant you're not even half way through your life span

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  • college is a great dating environment and you didn't use it for that, but plenty of people skip college altogether and still manage to form fulfilling and lifelong partnerships. congratulations on being the first in your family to graduate and have fun dating now. your whole life is ahead of you.

  • You're not a failure. You're the first graduate in your family, congratulations. You have plenty of time for dating.

  • No. Who the hell told you that? You are great dude. You just know your priorities thats all.

  • no not really dw about it

  • Congrats man!! I understand how you feel. Im the first one to post-graduate from my family where people even failed elementary school and Im single.

    We can date ;)

    • LOL thanks

    • Welcome :)
      I mean this happens. I had only 1 goal in mind to get scholarship for post graduate and while doing it I forgot I got hungry hormones and social life. Now during PG I feel like a kids around me already are dating and I wasted my time. But hey the good thing is my choices are refined now :) Good luck

    • Pardon my grammar skills :P

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  • you are successful for finishing college and you could get a girl now that you finished


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