Would u delete ur crush fb if he's ignoring u? and he's not texting anymore and seems he's avoiding u?


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  • Yes, I would.

    That's very rude.

    Why would I keep in contact with someone that acts as if I don't exist?

    • or I don't know if I'm taking it too personal (cuz i normally took it personal) but lately I'm the one initiating contact, and there was one time I didn't text him for a week so he told me If i was forgetting him and we keep talking normal until one day he said I'll text u in a couple of hours, i have to go out and then he never text me, and after that I texted him after a week. then again, after another week I sent him another message out of the blue and he was online and didn't reply. so a few hours i asked him what was going on and he said everything was just fine. but I feel a bit ignored.

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    • Well then he's gone for good.
      good choice , u deserve someone that gives u attention

    • Thanks for mho

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