Asking my secret girlfriend to homecoming ideas?

Okay so, I'm a girl and homecoming will be coming up in a month in a half and I'm just thinking ahead and I need help figuring out a cute way of asking her but the problem is, our parents hate gay people... And her sister is always hanging out with us because we are a “group” of friends. And we are neighbors.

So nobody knows we are dating and I need some ideas to asking her to homecoming without anyone knowing and making it seem like we are just friends going. What would you guys do?


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  • 1st... Both your parents hate gay peoplebbut regardless of your sexuality parents love you so either way they will accept you and her unless they are unbelievably damaged in the head

    2nd watch a spy programme or movie with her.. Then at the end ask her 'you wanna be a spy? Come to the homecomming with me as 'just 'friends' but you'll be undercover as really my girlfriend..

    And at the homecomming go into a place where its just you amd her.. An kiss and stuff

  • thats easy you need to get her alone or you can call it a friend date, or you could go to her and say your going and ask if she wants to go with you so you dont have to go out lone, i think u underestimate the separation of Girlfriends (dating) and girlfriends (female friends) , i have 2 friends that are so close they should be dating. just play it off as close friends and show no affection

    • Thanks for the advice. It Helped a lot (:

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    • you'll have to tell them eventually, probably at 18 or when u move out, just be prepared. are u gay or bi?

    • I am bi.

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