Coworker MESS! Help?

So I have a huge crush on my coworker, but he has a girlfriend that he lives with, they've been together less Than a year. Anyway I was ignoring it because obviously he's taken. Well first two other coworkers mentioned they noticed he treats me different then anyone, and then another two came to me and mentioned he had a crush on me and when I'm not around he's a completely different person, and he's not as nice. They said the difference in the way he is, is dramatically different and it's obvious he tries to put on a good face for me and they sees the days I'm not their. I'm the only one that can just sit at his desk and takeover his computer and he doesn't care, and I've caught him taking a picture of me in the company iPad and then played it off as a joke. And also he likes to play humble around me, I can't compliment him without him acting uncomfortable but when other do he's fine. And also I called him sir joking once and he freaked out saying it was weird while other coworkers do all thek time and again he doesn't care.

So what's the deal? Does it sounds like he actually has feelings for me? And if so If he acts so into me that coworkers are all noticing, isn't that a little too big of a crush for someone that's taken?


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  • The deal is that you just need to stay away unless he leaves his woman, which I highly doubt he will. Look, he may very well like you, but you need to let it go as he's taken, don't do something you'll regret and do something you know you wouldn't like if it were your boyfriend flirting around with some woman at work.


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