Being worried because basically never had a functional relationship before?

I've had 2 relationships: first one was 5 months, took me on 2 holidays (Finland to see the northern lights and a family holiday in lazarote) didn't see each other loads during the relationship, was my first love and then started to avoid and ignore me and left me because he didn't love me anymore. Second one was for a tiny bit over a month, fell deeply in love with one another over Christmas while he was visiting family in France (came back and we got together), was an amazing relationship, felt so comfortable, was my best friend and it just felt extremely right and he felt the same way. He began to be a bit distant after about 2-3 weeks into our relationship and then left me because he didn't feel the same way anymore... and now it's just hit me that I've never actually had a functional relationship before and have no idea how to act in one... I'm pretty sure I always go for the wrong people and everybody who would be ideal for me I'm not attracted to at all and only see them as awesome mates. I always end up pushing away people who start closeto me because I don't know how to react... I think I may be scared about someone truly knowing me because everyone who has, has ended up leaving me... I don't know what to do :(


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  • It sounds to me like your choice of guy is what is wrong here and not something you are particularly doing. If you are being natural and yourself with a guy there is not much else you can really do. Just get back out there and try again. It is like falling off a horse. Just pick yourself up dust your self off and get back on (try again). you will only succeed by getting up one more time than you fall down.. Good luck XXX

  • I would rather a girl tell me the truth about who she is than to leave me in dark

    • I do, I show everybody the real me because if someone doesn't like how you are then I can't do anything about that, being me is me and I do like the person I am and I can do that fine but deep down I mean I think I'm scared that if I attach myself to someone and let myself feel comfortable with them, they'll only end up leaving me like the others

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    • I'm probably not emotionally ready for a committed relationship if I'm honest, I think I'm just too scared to attach myself to someone because I don't want to feel how I felt before. Rejection and ignorance is horrific. The thought of "how will anyone love me when the people who knew me and were my everything at the time left me like I was nothing?" Is horrible too...

    • Yes so sorry wow but I know how you feel

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