Guy asked me to hang out at his place. is there more behind it?

Long story short, I've known this guy for a couple of months after I met him through a mutual friend. A couple of weeks ago my other friend invited me over to his place to watch films. I went and the guy started asking me questions about my personal life, particular about my ex boyfriend and whether I was gonna see this other guy again. The topic of marriage and sex also came up.

When I tried changing the subject, he went 'no no.. let's talk about you' more than once.

A week later I went to another event. The guy was there too and kept asking why i was being so quiet. He then asked later on whether I wanted to go back to his place again to talk and eat crisps.

was there more behind his invite or was he just being friendly?


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  • He likes you and wants to know you better

    • thanks for your input!

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