What do you think race means?

Don't research. I just want to know what you think it means?


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  • Different skin tones and cultures developed over time to help people survive in a specific geographical region.
    For example people who have darker skin have more melanin to protect them from the amount of sun exposure they experience in their native climate. Different cultural dishes are developed based on what is locally available, Japan is an island, so much of their diet includes seafood because it is so readily available to them. Race to me is just an indication of how people of a certain area adapted to survive and thrive, how their bodies adapted, how their cuisine includes what is readily available, how their clothing is created to accommodate the particular climate of their original land. I think each race is a different example of evolution and adaptation from long ago. And how even though we've all had to take on different skin pigments based on climate and different clothing styles and cuisines based of geographical location all humans have achieved the same level of adaptation and success. Each race that is alive today is a success story, unlike our distant relative species the Neanderthal, Homosapiens were able to survive and and thrive long enough to become as diverse as we are today. Meanwhile Neanderthals were not able to adapt as well and as a consequence became extinct, and Humans are able to adapt to basically any climate or location we want!
    TLDR --- So in sort each race is a unique representation of the human ability to adapt.

    ... I'm an Anthropology nerd if you couldn't tell.

    • So do you think that race is a real biological category?

    • everyone is biologically unique even within the same family. I think race is just a combination of phenotype (how genes manifested in ways you can visually observe) and where the person or their family originated from.

    • okay

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    • LMAO. Wow may life has been changed, a new discovery I would've never figured out myself.

      Thank you

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