How many of you require your partner to be sexually experienced before you date them?

Is that one thing you require in a potential partner?
  • I require my partner to be sexually experienced
    Vote A
  • I don't require it, but i do prefer my partner to be sexually experienced
    Vote B
  • It doesn't matter to me if my partner is sexually experienced or not
    Vote C
  • I don't require my partner to be sexually experienced, in fact i prefer it that way
    Vote D
  • I require my partner to be a virgin
    Vote E
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hello birthday boy 🎁🎂🎈

    [Back to question]
    First of all, I voted C
    Because :-
    ●If she's experienced, she'd know her job. I'd not need to do any kind of extra efforts and she'd even surprise me with her erudite tricks which I haven't seen. A sexually adriot partner knows how to handle the situations. When I lost my virginity, I was a bit shy but she handled it fairly well and fostered my morale.
    ●If she's inexperienced, it'd be a great experience for me to teach a girl. See her once in a lifetime kind of expressions, her insecurities, her sensitivity, her reactions and how I interact and interpret with her in that context.
    And if we both are virgins, we'd get a great and rapturous moment to laugh and be gracious, every time we memorise this.

    So, it doesn't matter for me because both type of girls are awesome in one way or another.



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What Girls Said 9

  • By experienced, I would only accept one that at least tried to work out a relationship. I don't mind if he's a low-count or even a virgin. What I don't want is a high-count hypocrite.

    • I'm a very low-count of 1

    • What's an example of a 'high-count hypocrite?'

    • The typical playa type that slept around, had all the sexual encounters, called them easy lays and smacked talk about those women but suddenly have the nerve to think he deserves a sexually reserved woman or even a virgin. That type wants us to overlook his past because according to him he's ready to settle down and learned from his ''mistakes'' (which it isn't), but wouldn't do the same for a woman with his similar past that also wants to settle down.

  • both me and my husband were virgins when we married.

    • Just for arguments sake, if he wasn't a virgin, would that have mattered to you?

    • yes it would. If i was still a virgin then I would only want to be with another virgin.

  • It is mandatory that anyone I enter into a relationship with be a virgin.

  • It doesn't really matter to me if he is sexually experienced or not

  • No, lack of is no big deal.

  • I wouldn't really care either way.

  • I picked B toto!

    • OMMMMGGG!!!

      HAPPY BURSSSDAAYYY TOTO (Asian accent) lol I didn't even know! I had to find out myself thank you very much!🙈 yay toto! A year.. 😳 younger 😬😂

    • Thank you haha :)

    • Well I'm glad I figured it out then 🙈

  • Uhhhh he needs to have some experience for me.

  • I would not feel comfortable taking someone's virginity.


What Guys Said 3

  • You know... looking at the statistics... I'm starting to understand society.
    Women generally prefer men who are experienced.
    Men generally prefer women who are not.

    Which means... its a scenario where men are driven to two extremes.

    We either have the incredibly experienced who goes through women like free champagne on a plane. Since experience is preferred.
    Then we have the non-experienced who tends to stay non-experienced because prior experience is preferred.

    What this doesn't explain however is... what makes the experienced... experienced in the first place?
    What makes the non-experienced non-experienced and in turn drive them to the fringe of the gene pool?

    Questions questions.

  • I vote C as long as she's been responsible in the past.

  • The less dick she's seen the better.


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