Should I date a guy I've been friends with for years?

I've been friends with him for 3 years and we recently went out together to the movies, he wanted to cuddle me the entire time and afterwards he held my hand all to way to my car. he (later that night) said that he would like to take me out again and that he could see our friendship growing into something more. honestly, i can see that as well I've liked him for years and i honestly am not quite sure what to do. My only question is, is it a good idea to date your friend?


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  • you both obviously feel the same way, so yeah! why not? seems like a good opportunity for a fun relationship to me.

    • im honestly just worried about the problems in the long run, all of the what ifs going through my head lol

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    • right, so i say just try it. why not, at this point
      you did mention that you've liked him for years.


    • good idea, obviously it won't be going back to normal anytime soon, might as well go for it

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  • you can, but coming from experience on something like that, if you guys break up for some reason, chances are very likely that you and him wouldn't be able to look at eachother the same way and before.


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