I know this is wrong I feel I want to get revenge on him?

My guy have cheated on me in the past which cause us to go on the break during the break we still did hang out and sleep together but because it was a break he met a girl and they started fooling around I guess it was a fling or an affair he have now said he will stop it I hope he will. during the break I did kiss a other guy and I did feel guilty I did tell him. I know we are trying to work things out the though have cross my mind how hooking up with someone else I know it wrong I guess it would be good revenge it would ruin everything ... I know revenge isn't the answer why am I feeling this way. we are trying to work things out

Thanks for the advice everyone I don't know what to do I am so confused I love him a lot in a lot of ways he is a jerk.


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  • Revenge never makes things right. If you want to be with him make your choice now. Because if you do this it could potentially backfire. You could end up on the side of hurt and he will feel justified to have cheated in the past.

    My safe advice would be to just let him go. You are to young to be allowing someone to take you through so much drama. & he doesn't seem to be ready for a long term relationship.

    Good Luck

    Vengeance is mine said the Lord.


    A Loving Black Man

    • I am not sure what to do not sure if I told you we been together for a while. We love each other he does treat me good other then is cheating ways. His parent still think we are together girlfriend and boyfriend cause I go to his family stuff.

    • I feel you on your relationship...

      I know how serious it is.

      Just know if you do cheat, It will hurt you on the inside.

      He can't be treating you well if he's cheating.

      Thats even worst than a lot of other abuses.

      I pray you don't disrespect yourself because of some ignorant cheater.

      If you do cheat...do it because that's what you wanted to do, not because of him.

      You can do so much better.


      A Loving Black Man

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  • I think you need to ask yourself, how much do you want to be with this guy? Since this guy is already messing around with other girls, I doubt that sleeping with another guy will hurt him that much. Personally, I don't think cheaters should be tolerated at all, because they always do it again. Find a better guy, it'll make you feel better.

    • Not true he will properly leave me if I do. We been on a break for a while when I kissed a other guy he got really mad then he later revealed that he one of his friends has been giving him a blow job. Maybe he trying to control me I guess. Even with facebook he wants my status to say in a relationship while his says its complicated. Supposedly things are over with that girl that he had the fling with just not sure if he really going to change. We are trying to work things out just not sure

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  • this is what i did to mine hopefully it will help you along lol
    one night he came home drunk & fell asleep on top of bed
    wearing only a towel after showering.
    Sooo helped by my 2 friends we took off the towel and shaved ALL his pubes
    off & took b4 n after photos and posted them to an online blog page we made all about it
    with other nude pics he sent me added a link to his facebook etc... HAHAHA and the blog page is still on-line much to his dissappointment and embarrassment its sooooo goood i lovin it
    hee hee message me if u want more info xxxxxx

  • Its not worth working it out. He already cheated and he will do it again. I was in the situation where I forgave my boyfriend of 4 years for cheating and then on christmas day 4 months later I find out he is cheating again. I know it sucks especially when you wanna work things out but most likely it won't work out in the end

    • I wish you wouldn't say that. Yes he cheated and have broken my heart I really want him to change and I want to be happy with him I really do love him.

    • I understand you. Trust me I do. From my experince it didn't work that way, maybe he can change but HE has to be willing to change

    • I know he have to be willing I guess the fact he said he going to stop sleeping with the girl he had a fling with means he is tryin I really want him to change maybe everyone right and it just not possble

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